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Looking for a Job

In this world of information overload it's easy to get confused by the different options open to you when looking for a new job....

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You, your own brand

It's a strange concept to think of you as a personal brand. Once we just referred to it as our reputation but thanks to the impact of social media and the Internet, we need to be far aware of how we market ourselves and how we are perceived...

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Applications that stand out

Your covering note and CV have mere seconds to make a good impression. In this day of instant communication and email overload you need to take the time and get it right!...

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Interview Tips

Our popular article about what to do before, during and after an interview. It's important to be your best when interviewing and our guide will help you...

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The offer process

After your interview it's crucial that you call your Required IT consultant and give them your feedback while it's fresh in your mind and then they will use this to negotiate an offer...

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Making the most of Required Group

What else can we help you with? Here are some points that will assist you with getting the most from your experience with us...

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