How can I get the most from my Required Group consultant?

Speak to the directors of Required IT and you’ll hear them say that looking after our candidates is a priority! Why? Because we work in niche industry sectors and we want to be known, liked and trusted… for all the right reasons!

So I asked Alex Schramm, co-founding Director of Required IT, for his advice to job seekers on working with Required Group:

So how can you get the most out of a Required IT consultant?

Simply be honest about your expectations and trust that we have your best interests at heart. We have a dual role, to find our clients the right person and to find you the right role, and they’re equally important. 

Don’t feel you cannot chase us. You know what it’s like to get hundreds of emails per day, well it’s the same for us, so feel free to call in if you've not heard back from us as you’d expected.

You can be more frank with your recruiter than you would be in interview. From experience we understand the culture of our clients’ companies so it is beneficial to you if we understand why you’re looking to move, whether you’re willing to relocate, what is lacking in your current role etc.

How can job seekers help you?

They can do a few things actually.

It can be difficult for us to pass on negative feedback but we do so in the hope that our candidates will use this advice constructively in their job search. So try not to shoot the messenger!

Try to be realistic. It is still an employer’s market and they now often do not have a training budget so need to be more demanding in their requirements. So I’m afraid, if we say that you’re not right for an opportunity it will be for a good reason. We will however work hard to find you something more suitable. On the other side though, if we think you’re worth more trust us to try and get it for you.

For interview, be committed, punctual and thorough in your research because not only will that make you come across well it will help us seal your offer.

Final words?

We understand your job search is important but these things take time and we may not come back to you as fast as we’d like… but bear with us, we’re on your side!


In the comments below, we welcome your suggestions on how we can work more effectively with you.


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