You, Your Own Brand

It's a strange concept to think of you as a personal brand. Once we just referred to it as our reputation but thanks to the impact of social media and the Internet, we need to be far aware of how we market ourselves and how we are perceived.


You can promote yourself online in many ways:

  • Showcase your experience & skills on your LinkedIn profile and ensure it's 100% complete, use the applications and get recommended.
  • Spruce up your Facebook profile with Timeline and use it to positively showcase your skills. Ideas on how can be found here and here.
  • Share your expertise on Twitter and engage in conversation with others in your field.
  • Join online forums and niche social networking sites and share your expertise.


So what can you do to protect your brand?

  • Google yourself. What comes up? Is it consistent?
  • Set up a Google Alert in your name so you can attend to anything negative that may appear.
  • Don't join so many social networks that you cannot keep track and therefore neglect to engage properly.
  • Make sure your conversation is right for the audience.
  • Limit broadcasting and self-promotion.
  • Be consistent across your online presence. For example, use the same photograph.
  • Ensure your Facebook network is private and un-tag yourself from any incriminating photos.


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