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In this world of information overload it's easy to get confused by the different options open to you when looking for a new job.

Here are the ways we consider will produce the greatest results.

Recruitment Agents
A simple Internet search for IT, Recruitment Agencies and your location or industry preference will bring up a list of agents in your vicinity and it's worth registering your CV and having a look at their roles.
Of course, ensure you send your latest CV in to Required IT and give us a call to discuss what you're looking for!

Online Job Boards
The majority of IT recruitment companies advertise their vacancies are advertised on the likes of Jobsite, Jobserve and CW Jobs but there are many more.
It's worth taking the time and registering with the IT job boards and uploading your CV. By doing this you're more likely to be contacted about a role that an agency may not advertise.
You can also use their tools to set up job alerts that will come to you by email or even Twitter.

Traditional Press
Though this form of job advertising is losing favour due to its high cost it's still worth considering your local and national newspapers, as they will have a careers section. For Londoners, the City A.M. has just launched a careers section and some great IT opportunities have been spotted.
Don't forget to try your industry magazines too.

Social Networking
With the explosion of social media networks it would be crazy not to have a presence there to let companies find you and to look for opportunities that are not being advertised.
Be sure not to broadcast, instead join a conversation, offer advice, share an article and become known, liked and trusted.


Is a great place to showcase your skills and network. Worried your boss will see? While updating your profile, simply change your settings to hide your activity broadcasts and they won't. Use the applications and skills box to draw attention to your work. Get in touch with old contacts and follow companies you're interested in. Join groups appropriate to your industry and get involved.


Job search in 140 characters or less? Yes, Twitter can help. Twitter is full of agent and corporate recruiters so it's worth a try. 

Follow us @requiredITltd Useful apps include TweetAJob, TweetMyJobs and TwitJobSearch
Useful hashtags include #HR #jobs #recruitment and #Tech


Be sure recruiters can find you by listing your skills among your interests. They won't be able to see into your profile but can send you a message or display an advertisement.
Applications like Bullhorn Reach and BeKnown are useful for your search.

Networking Events
Industry or networking events are a great way to get connected and show off your expertise. As with social networks, it's best not to walk up and say, "Got any jobs?" However, you can meet people and discuss ideas and once some rapport is built ask something less direct like "Your company sounds like a great place to work, how did you get your job?"
MeetUp or LinkedIn's Events application are great places to find industry events.
Don't forget to take along your business cards!


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