How We Work

The Required Group Difference

In an industry characterized by tradition and poor service, we are committed to making a lasting positive difference in the way we deliver value to employers and candidates before, during and after the hiring decision.

We do this by being:

Close to customers

We recognize that in order to meet the needs of both employers and candidates simultaneously, careful listening, understanding and flexibility are key.

Our consultants are trained to be proactive in anticipating needs by building solid, open relationships and responding swiftly to changing demands.


Our team prides itself on being innovative and cutting-edge in the way it works with both employers and candidates. Therefore, we are constantly looking for innovative ways to deliver exceptional service and to make a difference.

We deliver quality at every stage of the process rather than just talking about it and apply our strong commercial and talent management expertise to ensure our approach delivers cost-effective and lasting results.

Keeping promises

We understand how important delivering on our commitments is to the quality of our relationships and future business. So we do our utmost not to create unrealistic expectations and to deliver on whatever we promise to do.

Positive Energy

People often approach recruitment and career search with a high level of pessimism, anxiety and even dread. We want to change this, so employers and candidates approach the process in a more appreciative way, with grounded optimism, confidence and positive expectations. In this way, the process itself can be a powerful source of learning, stimulation and growth.

Doing things Right

We are strongly committed to doing things in a way that is environmentally, socially and culturally responsible. So we put strong emphasis on working in ways that are green, ethical, and promote diversity.

For more information on our ethical code, please click here.

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