Required Consulting has grown out of clients' needs to procure consultancy services and managed solutions within the futures and options arena of investment banking and brokerage.


Required Consulting specialises is coordinating service agreements for specific project work, this can either be either on a fixed price or time and materials basis. This is especially valuable to financial services clients in a climate where many are facing headcount freezes and cost issues.

With extensive capabilities in the Sungard GMI and GL Trade / Clearvision arenas, Required Consulting can supply a variety of specialist IT and Business resource within these specialist technology areas.

We have extensive knowledge of these highly specialist markets, but also have competence within other front-to-back office specialist areas.

Our resource available includes support, development and operations, business analysts, project managers and consultants.


Software Knowledge



Designed for the global exchange-traded derivatives, equity and equity options marketplace, GMI is a powerful back-office clearing and accounting software solution. Clearing firms, securities firms, brokerage houses, emerging derivatives players, and the regionalised investment community rely on GMI every day for acquisition, processing, management, dissemination, integration and booking of all clearing and trade processing activities for virtually any exchange-traded instrument.

GMI removes manual processes and provides comprehensive, consistent and accurate information 24 hours a day ion one integrated accounting system. It ensures that resources are better allocated, so forms can remain competitive and control costs. GMI also provides links to the world's exchanges for automatic trade capture, pricing updates, margins and risk arrays.

Among GMI's core capabilities are equity options processing, credit compliance, and real-time pricing. GMI supports futures options, foreign exchange, over-the-counter options, stocks, rights and warrants, equity and currency options and corporate, municipal and sovereign government bonds.


GMIGL Trade / Clearvision

GL Clearvision is a real-time middle office matching and clearing system for derivatives, providing synergy between front-office, exchange and back-office systems.

Via a full integration with trading systems and direct connections to clearing houses, it matches orders with executed trades in real-time and send clearing instructions to clearing houses, including an automatic 'give out' and 'take in' process.

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